Monday, February 25, 2013

Whiskey Flat Encampment, Whiskey Flat Days, Kernville, CA

Photos from Running Bear...thanx!

Running Bear and Laughing Horse

When Whiskey Flat Days 2013 ended, snow blanketed the Indian Village in Kernville.

Whiskey Flat Days is an event celebrating the Gold Rush period in Southern California, USA. It is held in Kernville, California every Presidents Day weekend in February. The highlight of the event is an old west reenactors camp, called the Whiskey Flat Encampment, where costumes and lodgings are period correct. There is an Indian Village, Mountain Man Camp, Cowboy Town and Civil War Camp. The 2013 event was held February 15 thru 17. Enjoy the images below and join us next February for all the fun! To participate as a reenactor contact Mike Woodward at:

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